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Have Boot, Will Travel

October 11th, 2011 · 3 Comments

Though the Faroe Islands are inhabited by less than 50,000 souls, the Danish dependency boasts its very own professional soccer league—one that includes four separate tiers of prestige, topped by the premier-level Vodafonedeildin. As this excellent photo set demonstrates, even the league’s most elite teams don’t draw enormous crowds—though, granted, the humans in those images are overshadowed by the awesome geological aspects of the Faroese landscapes.

The relative lack of fan support evidently hasn’t limited the league’s activity in the international talent market, however. Like all the big European soccer entities these days, the Faroese clubs have established a pipeline to Africa, bringing in young Ghanaians and Ivoirians to enhance the quality of play. In fact, the Vodafonedeildin‘s best player this season is a product of that development system:

Ghana’s top scorer abroad currently David Asare hit a brace for FC Suodoroy in the Faroe Island league when they demolished Vikingur away by 6 goals to 1 to consolidate their lead on top of their league.

The 19 years old enterprising youngster netted in the 15th minute and in the 86th minute to take his tally to 20 goals with 4 matches to go and he is now a sure bet to annex the golden boot when their league comes to an end.

“I believe in my capabilities and I know what I can do, I know with God, I will play in one of the top clubs in the world very soon and everyone will see what I possess.”

The deeper story I’d like to see written here is how a 19-year-old Ghanaian experiences life in the distant, provincial Faroe Islands—not as an ordinary immigrant, of which there are surely few, but as a (relatively) major celebrity.

Asare should be careful regarding over-confidence, however. Other great African players who’ve passed through the Faroe Islands may have imagined winding up in England or Spain, but got routed elsewhere. Case in point: Nigeria’s Obi Ikechukwu Charles, a former FC Suduroy player now starring for Yangon United. Not a terrible fate, by any means, but I’m sure Charles never envisioned winding up in Burma when he began his career.

(Image via Eileen Sanda’s highly recommended Flickr gallery)


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