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The Fate of a Rajneeshee Rolls

April 9th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Anyone who takes the time to comment on Microkhan is pretty much on my cool list for all eternity. But I reserve extra-special love for those who help solve the mysteries this project occasionally explores. And so let me offer a cosmically enormous high five to the reader who recently responded to this January 2011 post about the Rolls-Royce fleet once owned by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. I mentioned that 84 of the cars were purchased by a Dallas auto dealer, who was backed by a doomed savings and loan. It wasn’t immediately clear to me whether the dealer ever managed to offload any of the cars, but apparently he found at least one taker for the notoriously gaudy vehicles:

I know where one of the cars ended up: in my mother’s driveway. Yes, she purchased Rajneesh’s 1982 Silver Spur in possibly the ugliest baby blue one could imagine. It had what we know as the gold package, hood ornament and all – dipped in gold. I remember reading through the owner’s manual as a 15 year old and seeing the oringinal warrnanty card that read Rajneesh Investments. My mother was, as the time, president of the now defunct KIAB, Channel 23 in Dallas. This would have been her third Rolls Royce. She was as gay as a french horn and the cars fit her well (I was an adoptee).

I am still looking for confirmation on what happened to the “green-and-gold-lace number with tear-gas guns secreted beneath the fender.” Here’s to hoping this post teases out another tipster.


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