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Biblical Wisdom

April 19th, 2012 · 1 Comment

I highly recommend this set of Papua New Guinea images, by the Australian photographer Ben Bohane. The one posted above (larger version here) is a personal favorite for the way it juxtaposes the firearm with the quote from Psalms. I read that quote as so sinister in this context, but alternate translations give quite the opposite effect. Wish I could know whether the raskol who made that sign deliberately chose a translation that would fit with his crew’s nihilistic world view. Or if whatever Bible he stumbled across just happened to feature a version of the quote that was cosmically appropriate to his desperate circumstances.

More chilling photographs of raskols here and here.


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  • Jordan

    Always interesting to see how words can be used in different ways. ‘Rascal’ usually has playful connotations in America and Britain, but clearly suggests something far more serious in PNG.