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America’s Penchant for Reinvention

April 24th, 2012 · 1 Comment

Our vast nation’s architectural history boasts few curiosities more delightful than the Nuwaubian pyramids of Eatonton, Georgia, captured here in drive-by video. Some approximation of a backstory is available in this Macon Telegraph story; suffice to say that one must always be wary of religious leaders who were once aspiring musicians. (See also: Koresh, David; Manson, Charles.)

For a glimpse of the pyramids before their bulldozing a few years back, you must check out this awesome Anderson Scott photo essay. Be advised that while the vast majority of the compound was razed, a few of the smaller pyramids were salvaged. Click onwards to discover the fate of one such structure—a reinvention that could not be more thoroughly American.

I’d like to think that the Man from Planet Rizq would get the cosmic joke.


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