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Hubris, Thy Name is Vanna

June 27th, 2012 · No Comments

There was a time when Vanna White aspired to be more than just another game-show letter turner. Like all television personalities, she longed to cross over into the world of film, so that someday her name would be mentioned in the same breath as Hollywood’s great. Unfortunately for White, her acting chops leave something to be desired, as evidenced by 1988’s Goddess of Love (above). I’d like the think the project flopped in part as karmic retribution for White’s obvious arrogance, which comes across vividly in this 1987 profile:

She sums up her current status by licking a finger, then applying it to one of her tan-and-shapely legs while making a hissing sound to indicate sizzling heat.

The Mario Balotelli of game-show hostesses, for sure.


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