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The Beginning of the End

October 15th, 2012 · No Comments

So today’s the deadline for the final draft of my next book; with any luck, I’ll have some bound galleys to give away before Christmas. It’s been a long, draining process—thirty-eight months of reporting, writing, and furious pacing about my shoebox-sized home office. Tough to believe that I’m just a few hundred checked endnotes away from dropping this project into the hands of Crown’s excellent production folks.

Between now and the June 18, 2013 release date, y’all are gonna be hearing a ton about the tale. But for the moment, let me just leave you with a random paragraph plucked from what is currently page 99—a nugget that, according to Ford Madox Ford, should convince you whether or not to press forward:

He held up his Samsonite briefcase and wiggled his left index finger, the one with the metal ring around it. The crew could see that the ring was connected to a piece of cooper wire that led into the briefcase. “This controls the detonator,” he explained. “There is a concussion grenade in here, and eight slabs of C-4. Now, captain, what is your name?”

My dream is to get Morgan Freeman to do the audio book, preferably in the guise of his Electric Company DJ character (above).


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