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Sandy Be Not Proud

October 30th, 2012 · 2 Comments

Though I didn’t realize it when we moved here, the current Microkhan world headquarters occupies a relatively high-altitude slice of Queens. As a result, we suffered little meaningful damage in Hurricane Sandy—certainly nothing that a little spackle, paint, and elbow grease can’t fix. But our hearts break for fellow residents of this vast metropolis who didn’t get off so easy.

I’ll be back for sure tomorrow, once childcare has been arranged and head screwed on straight. In the meantime, enjoy Vin Scully pitching the luxury of mid-1970s air travel. I’m blown away by the fact that Continental used to have on-board pubs.


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  • Jordan

    Price controls lead to all sorts of oddities, big and small. Our employer-based healthcare system being the most notorious modern example. Though I seem to remember that there were also a lot of peculiar labor contracts in post-Black Death Europe due to the combination of a greatly reduced labor pool and feudally-enforced wage controls.

  • Gramsci

    Relieved to hear the yurt was in a safe part of the steppe.