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Born to Greatness

December 19th, 2012 · 6 Comments

Alice Strick, the current world record holder in the Canadian-style one-foot high kick, is part of an athletic dynasty: her mother and cousin were also champions at the World Eskimo-Indian Olympics. While Strick’s feat in the clip above may seem effortless, I can assure you that it required near-superhuman athleticism. I know this because I just tried it here at Microkhan world headquarters; suffice to say that the years have not been kind to whatever hops I once had. Perhaps the four-man carry is more my speed these days.


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  • Captured Shadow

    Do the rules require that style of jump? It seems like going off one foot, high jump style, would result in higher kicks. I guess then you would need mats to land on….

  • Brendan I. Koerner

    @Captured Shadow: Excellent question. The rules here state that a two-foot takeoff is mandatory.

  • Captured Shadow

    The one hand reach you linked to should definitely be in any Festivus “feats of strength” demonstration.

  • Jordan

    To quote a friend who I showed this video to:

    “This is my favorite WEIO event:


    You know that was invented in winter.”

  • Gramsci

    Is it because a group of people spends a good part of the year trying to keep its ears warm that it has TWO ear strength events?

  • Gramsci

    @Jordan Sorry not to have watched your video first– that’s amazing to see in action. I had the sound down when I watched, but I’m assuming the soundtrack was “Stuck in the Middle With You?”