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The Narcissism of Scoundrels

April 29th, 2013 · 10 Comments

Dave Srail LetterAfter six years on the run, con man David Scott Srail was finally nabbed at a San Antonio airport last week. His capture was due in part to the efforts of a Florida woman, Jacira Paolino, whose daughter was swindled by Srail. Since virtually the moment that Srail went on the lam, Paolino has maintained a website detailing his crimes—a site that includes a four-page handwritten letter in which the scammer unwittingly reveals the depths of his narcissism. Read the whole thing if you have even the slightest interest in the psychology of sociopaths—Srail goes to amazing lengths to make himself an object of pity, when the real purpose of the letter is to inform a victim that all is lost. The lack of conscience layered beneath the veneer of empathy is quite a wonder to behold.


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  • Jacira Paolino

    But he left Florida in 2005, 8 years ago, and before that he left victims in Ohio, so he’s been pulling his con for more than a decade, perfecting his technique.

  • David Cech

    I and a friend of mine were also conned into one of David Srails cons. He defrauded us out of almost 2300 dollars before he skipped town. We are located in Evansville Indiana. this happened about 3 years ago. He was in town just long enough to do a Covance study and scam everyone in a boarding home he was staying at. His letters he leaves after the fact are filled with lies and his story is that his wife died of cancer. He also stole a lap top from people in the house and managed to get away with items of value he pawned or sold before he left state. Im no longer with the evidence but if you want a statement I can be reached by telephone at 812-266-1250. If you let this man go on probation he will be gone in a flash he has no home base and is a transient. He has never been punished for years of stealing thousands of dollars from retiree’s and unsuspecting victims.
    His fraud in Indiana came as a result of him promising loans to do real estate deals and posing as a real estate loan broker for a hard money lender he was related to that went by the name of Al Carbone.
    David Srail is a master con man and as I have no interest in restitution he should be punished.
    I pray Texas does the right thing. Please have a great day and thank you for reading my story
    Sincerely, David Cech. This is my e signature and I can be reached for comment at 812-266-1250

  • David Cech

    The exact nature of the fraud was collecting loan fees up front and posing as a licensed loan broker and insurance agent.It is difficult enough to do business but when people take advantage of others using professions as a way to steal its hard to fight that when they leave quickly. After all the last time you made a loan for a property did u ask the lender or insurance agent for a copy of his license? It makes it difficult to protect against fraud when the criminals move around from state to state.

  • Avelina

    Wow David! His story of a wife dying of cancer was the same one he told us in FL. He even went so far as to having a wallet size picture up on his cubicle and a ring on a semi hippie style necklace that he sent to me with the letter you just read. I’m pretty sure none of that is true. I still have the necklace….

  • Cheryl Bailey

    His big scam when he worked with me at a large insurance company in Cleveland was that his brother’s wife was killed in a car accident and that his brother and three children moved in with him.

    But when it came to the money part of the scam, it was all about how some broker friend of his bought postage stamps at an auction that are no longer in ciruclation and presents them to the USPS for redemption at face value.

    He was charming, witty and likeable – very clever too. Truly an interesting study in human behavior.

  • Christine DW

    Yes, I keep meaning to write the movie. I will eventually, Dave. Y’all know he reads everything written about him.

    More Cleveland representation here.

  • David Cech

    David S Rail was definitely a likable guy and used charm and charisma to develop relationships. He was sharp enough to only ask for investment in his scam after he had properly developed relationships. this makes him fairly good at psychology. People that have a grasp of physiology can easily scam others if they want since they prey on the things your dreaming about or attempting to work towards that cost money. The key is to keep control of your money when it comes to investing dont let 3rds parties rule your check book. Most of all when you do invest dont be sloppy do your due diligence in checking out the investment and people you invest in and or product or investment you choose to make. I allowed myself to invest money into fees regarding real estate lending that I could have skipped had I found a loan broker that would front the fees. Some hard lessons come at a cost in business.
    David S Rail used Progressive insurance as a former employer to give himself credibility. He explained that his recent departure left him without cash in the short term but he had a large 401k he was waiting to access from Progressive insurance. Of course he never was an employee of Progressive. Over time his story seemed real since he had not asked for anything in the time period he built up trust and friendships in the area he scammed people. David S Rail planned his scams well and knew exactly how long it toke to build relationships and friendships that he would ultimately use to get money. again the key is to be careful before you give money and get the product up front if at all possible. Investments should have through research done on them before money is released to buy them. David S Rail is an excellent example of how a scam works in a face to face situation.

  • Sherron

    Dave was my trainer at Progressive and the nicest guy you will probably ever meet. It breaks my heart that he did this to people. I feel like I am reading some kind of horror story written by Stephen King..

  • Jacira

    Sherron, this has been a horror story for many people, and it wasn’t written by Stephen King, it was created by Dave Srail.