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Hello Again

September 30th, 2013 · 7 Comments

Hello Again FalconryContrary to what you may have concluded after several months of silence, I have not, in fact, abandoned this long-cherished experiment in storytelling. I had to shift Microkhan to the back burner during a long summer spent spreading the gospel of The Skies Belong to Us, an endeavor that took me to the far corners of this vast nation. And, to be frank, I had to breathe a bit after the book dropped—that project took a lot out of me, to the point that the healthiest move was to lay off the keyboard for a spell.

But I’m back now and eager to once again bring y’all the finest tales from the worlds of competitive falconry, Papua New Guinea, and the annals of smuggling. While I can’t promise that I’ll have the time to post daily, I do vow to be a much more diligent steward of this prime Internet property. Off to Kansas on a Wired assignment tomorrow, back back at you soon with something delectable. And by “you,” I mean the two or three people who have seen fit to keep Microkhan in their feeds—bless your hearts.

(Image via Palani Mohan’s project on Kazakh eagle hunters)


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  • MSK

    I won’t speak for others, but I understand perfectly, and have been waiting patiently for your return. Loyalty to the Microkhan.

    Still need to pick up the new book – I have to get to that.

  • Jordan

    Yay for more Microkhan!

    On a different note, those eagle hunters have some awesome hats.

  • danthelawyer

    MSK can speak for me.

  • scottstev

    We haven’t gotten smaller, we’ve just gotten more refined.

  • Chris Blaker

    Not sure where in Kansas you’re going to, but you should try to go by the Martin and Osa Johnson museum (the travel writing couple) in Chanute, KS.

  • Gramsci

    MSK, you are in for a treat. Brendan develops the story like a patient poker player, and by the end you realize he’s pulled off a dizzyingly rich piece of post-colonial history, not just a thriller.

  • Samir

    NEVER STOP, MICROKHAN. Best blog on the Internet.